Digital Health

Milestone is one of the leading venture firms focused on software and data investments in the Digital Health sector. We have backed 21 Digital Health companies, eight of which have achieved successful exits, including Medidata's (Nasdaq:MDSO) IPO in 2009.
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Proven Success

Our goal is to help talented entrepreneurs build great businesses and ultimately achieve a successful liquidity event. Milestone has completed the cycle from initial investment to profitable exit over ten times.

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Software & Data

Milestone has been successfully investing in software, data and services companies for over a decade. Software, Internet and Mobile services businesses which help their customers exploit data assets successfully are in our sweet spot.
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Milestone Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital fund with $135 million under management. We invest in high growth, technology-enabled services companies which have initial users and early revenue. Our initial investment size usually ranges between $500,000 and $1.5 million, although in certain instances we will invest in excess of $2m at the outset. Milestone invests approximately 80% of its capital in Digital Health businesses which provide technology solutions to providers, payors, biopharmaceutical firms, and patients. The firm is managed by Todd T. Pietri, F. Morgan Rodd, Jr., Edwin A. Goodman, and Richard Dumler.

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