Other Software, Data & Services

Our software data and services investments are primarily in businesses which solve information problems for businesses and consumers.

Many of the businesses we back understand that data has become, as McKinsey puts it, an essential factor of production just like hard assets and human capital. A company’s ability to exploit its data assets successfully is increasingly at the center of how a business creates value. In fact, for a growing number of companies, data is becoming more valuable than their brand and the revenue opportunity from data is becoming more compelling than the revenue from their underlying core businesses.

Milestone’s portfolio includes businesses such as Senet, BA-Insight, and FieldView, which aggregate, organize and provide access to rapidly growing data repositories. Milestone has also had success investing in businesses which provide an additional layer of analytics and decision support resources. These businesses structure data presentation and management to enable a knowledge worker to be more agile and effective. Kindling, CMC and Canvs are good examples of companies in our portfolio that empower knowledge workers to break-down information and to quickly formulate insights that will drive competitive advantage.

Other strategy/sector highlights:

  • Businesses which help their customers move their computer infrastructure to the cloud and optimize it once the migration is complete such as Cloudnexa and Racemi are also an increasing area of importance to Milestone.
  • Finally, Milestone has had success investing in mobile and online businesses such as BobbyPin, Grovo, Cureatr and MapMyFitness, which serve consumers and professionals with rich applications and information.


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