Robin Thurston

CEO, MapMyFitness

“With the help of Milestone Venture Partners, we closed our largest round of financing during a rapid growth phase for our company and our industry. Their vision and guidance on the board helped MapMyFitness make the right decisions on management structure, strategic focus and further investment at critical points in our development, which paved the way for the successful sale to Under Amour.”

Tarek Sherif

CEO, Medidata Solutions

“Medidata’s experience with Milestone Venture Partners has been extremely positive. The partners’ support and insights, have been a tremendous value add, and I feel have contributed to the tremendous success that we have had as an organization. MVP embodies all of the positive characteristics you would look for in an early stage venture capital firm…smart investors, professional value add, and importantly, good people to work with.”

Mitch Rothschild

CEO, Vitals

“Milestone has been a dream investor for Vitals. Aside from capital, contacts and ongoing support, the Milestone team really helps us focus on creating shareholder value. They’re constantly suggesting business partnerships, strategy enhancements and aligning with mega market trends. Best of all, this is done in a consultative, collaborative way. I view Milestone as my business partner; more than just an investor.”

Jim Walker

CEO, Octagon Research Solutions

“Milestone has the expertise both technically and financially to take young companies to the next level of growth. The partners are knowledgeable regarding small businesses and the challenges they face. Enlisting Milestone as a partner was one of the best decisions we made.”

Vytas Kisielius

CEO, Collections Marketing Center

“Milestone falls in the category of venture investors who strive to make their investments work by actively supporting and encouraging the people in whom they invested (rather than the other category, who try to go in and micro-manage the team they just backed).  They are both a pleasure to work with and a productive partner who add value by providing expert insights, contacts and introductions where appropriate.  We have really been helped by our Milestone Partners and I heartily recommend them to other CEOs who ask me about how private equity investing really should work in building a great and valuable company.”

Fred Dirla

CEO, FieldView Solutions

“The Milestone team has been instrumental in our success. Their contribution far exceeded the capital they invested. They provided expert guidance around strategy and really helped us to refine our sales model. Their advice helped us to maintain a mix of small quick deals to sustain the company while we pursued larger deals in parallel. I happily recommend them as partners and investors.”

Tim Kowalski

CEO, Halfpenny

“Milestone Venture Partners has been one of our lead investors for almost four years. In that time, they have not only helped fund our growth but just as importantly, they have provided invaluable strategic input that has helped me guide the growth of our company.  Their experience backing growth companies as well as their connections in the technology sector have been critical to our success. They have been a great partner helping us achieve success in growing the company.”

Chris Forbes

CEO, Knovel

“Milestone has been a tremendous partner since making their initial investment in Knovel in late 2002. Milestone has supported the management team by providing sage advice, introductionsto others that have been helpful in growing the company, and follow-on capital when warranted. At the same time, Milestone has remained in the background and allowed the management team to move the company forward. Milestone is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to any early stage company!”

David Lenihan

CEO, CareGain

“Milestone met CareGain as an early stage company with significant prospects but in need of funding. They brought together a syndicate of top quality venture capital partners to meet the needs of the company financially and more.They went out of their way to understand our business deeply and broadly, gave financial references to customers, and now sit on our board continuing to provide operational business advice. Throughout they have operated at the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. CareGain would not be in business without their support and backing.”

Ray Bixler

CEO, SkillSurvey

“Milestone has been a partner of ours for almost 10 years.  During that span they’ve brought significant value to the board room, offering strategic and tactical insight and perspective that helped us make key business decisions.  Milestone is always willing to offer additional financial support when their companies are growing, yet they also offer encouragement and support when there are challenges that the business needs to circumvent.  Their “glass-half-full” mentality always leads to high-level discussions that help accelerate what’s working, while also suggesting solutions to help fix what’s not.  I highly recommend Milestone to any entrepreneur and early-stage business leader looking for an experienced and supportive partner as they launch and scale their business.”

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